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Needle Exchange Study

The economic benefits of needle exchange programs are most associated with preventing new HIV/AIDS cases, but needle exchange programs may serve the community in other ways that have been less researched. For example, needle exchange programs help reduce new cases of Hepatitis B and C, can help get clients in touch with necessary community services such as health care and drug rehabilitation programs, and decrease the number of used needles discarded in the community.  The goal of this project was to conduct a literature review to identify what has been measured as far as economic benefits and what information gaps still need to be filled to more fully understand the benefits (and avoided costs) provided to the community by needle exchanges.  In addition, the project sought to investigate the feasibility of conducting an economic evaluation of the local needle exchange program.  The results of the project were 1) a completed literature review and 2) a determination that the economic evaluation was not feasible due to the lack of sufficient local data.

For more information, contact: Dr. Erica Johnson, Associate Professor of Economics, Gonzaga University,